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I know this has been done to death, but damn. You just got to give it up for Chappelle

America. :(

…that Fox News thing is fake, rite?

scared Canadian up here, people. CONFIRM THE FOX NEWS PIC IS A JOKE.

I… I don’t think this is real. I mean. They blamed Hurricane Sandy on him, but. 

It’s Fox. Their stupidity and lies are so rampant, they might as well blame the meteor on Obama.

Two things:

a) When people tell me “oh wow, you get sick a lot,” my inner monologue becomes extremely snarky and rude, so please don’t point that out to me. I know. I know it very well. I’m actually a helluva lot better than I used to be, but whatever.

2) When discussing why the underarms of shirts get yellow, it isn’t because that person doesn’t wear deodorant; it might just be their body chemistry and the unfortunate fact that they sweat more than they feel they should.

Two inconvenient parts of my life that I am tired of.